He saw came and conquered. Lasse von Freie from Hanover climbs the Bavona classic Off the Wagon in just two sessions - at the age of 16.

Lasse von Freier was eight years old when he and his father tried his hand at a climbing wall for the first time. Much has changed since then. Lasse describes March 10, 2019 as "magical" when he climbed one of the most famous boulders: Off the Wagon (8b +) in Val Bavona.

Yes sir!! My hard winter training is finally paying off. A few days ago I succeeded in ascent of the Bavona classic Off the Wagon in my second session. "

As if it wasn't sensation enough that Lasse climbed the boulder in just two sessions, one additional fact makes one sit up and take notice: The German is only 16 years old. Lasse says with a twinkle in his eye: “Skipping the 8b degree is a bit unexpected.” If you look at his ticklist, you understand why he was surprised to be able to climb an 8b + so quickly. There are just nine 8a's and one 8a + in it. It definitely seems to have been good training that Lasse von Freier did over the winter.

Leave the Bavona classic Off the Wagon (8b +).

Lasse von Freier in an interview

When did you try Off the Wagon for the first time?
I tried otw the first time last Saturday, because we (Max Prinz and I) wanted to go to Ticino for a few days. Besides, Boulder has always impressed me with videos and I really wanted to give it a try. On Saturday I tried the boulder a bit but had a lot of problems with the first move. At the end of the day Simon Unger then bouldered otw and that showed me again that the boulder is possible.

You only invested two sessions for the ascent. What was your recipe for success, in addition to winter training?
I then visualized the starting train all night long, which I had a hard time with, and the next day, Sunday, I did the boulder in my second session.

Why did you choose Off the Wagon as a heavy boulder?
I've seen the Boulder on videos several times and have always been impressed.

What's next? The seat start version?
The next time I'm in Ticino I definitely want to check out the sit. Let's see if it works.

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Credits: Picture Lasse by Freier

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