At the 23.10.2016, a murmur went through the climbing world. The Finnish top boulderer Nalle Hukkataival announces the commission of Burden of Dreams and suggests the level of difficulty 9a. These were big news for all climbers and boulderers.

Whether it is really a 9a boulder or not will only be revealed when other climbers confirm the grade. But if you take a closer look at Nalle's ticklist, you can guess that the grade will probably be right. The Finn can flash 8B boulders, he has already bouldered several 8c's.

Top athletes try the Lappnor Project

In the middle of last year Nalle was in the Finnish forest with the bouldering greats Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods and showed them where he has invested hundreds of attempts over the past few years: Im Lappnor project. Everyone has touched the handles and tried individual moves. But nobody climbed the boulder. None yet. As already mentioned, Nalle Hukkataival made it through in autumn 2016.

Filming of the first ascent

Around four months after the ascent, Nalle Hukkataival is now releasing a film about the story behind the ascent, which cost him so many attempts and so many years of work like no other boulder before. You can find more information about the inspection and the paid download of the film here .

Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods in the Lappnor Project

Credits: picture Screenshot

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