On May 14, 2018, German climber Kathrin Lehmann successfully climbed the 8c boulder Kryptos on Morchelstock in Balsthal, Switzerland. Now her sponsor Black Diamond publishes a video in which she tells the story behind the inspection.

Kaddi “discovered” the boulder Kryptos in March 2017, which seemed unsolvable at the beginning. But the line could not get out of her head. A few months later, she set out to inspect the 8c boulder for the ultimate goal.

The long project planning time that was necessary before the site inspection was worth it. On May 14, 2018, she succeeded in inspecting cryptos. Kaddi was the second woman worldwide to score an 8c boulder.

Kathrin Lehmann inspecting the Boulder Cryptos in the Balsthal

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Kathrin Lehmann, one of the strongest German climbers, manages the ascent of the 8c-Boulder Kryptos at the Morchelstock in Balsthal, Switzerland.

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Credits: Cover picture Michael Steimle / Black Diamond