The Organizing Committee of the 2024 Olympics in Paris has submitted a proposal to the International Olympic Committee to abolish the combination rating. The proposal provides for a combined assessment of the disciplines of bouldering and lead climbing. Speed, however, would be rated separately in the future.

The message about the proposal is like wildfire through the climbing scene. One felt the relief of the athletes. Because the combined format was and is criticized by many sharp. "The combined format is a big tragedy for our sport," said Adam Ondra in an interview with 2016. Despite all the criticism, it will be used at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and forces athletes like Adam Ondra to a specific training that also includes the discipline Speed.

More competitions, more athletes and more medals in Paris

Paris 2024 now proposes a split of the discipline Speed. New lead climbing and bouldering would be scored together and speed in a separate competition. This would mean that twelve instead of six medals could be awarded and 72 instead of 40 athletes could compete. 16 Women and 16 Men would fight for six medals in the Speed ​​discipline. In the second competition of the disciplines lead / bouldering it would be 20 athletes and 20 athletes and also six medals.

Nothing is decided yet

For now, it is only a proposal of the Organizing Committee of the Olympia 2024. The proposal will be on 26. March presented to the International Olympic Committee. If the proposal is accepted, then the 24. June in a meeting in Lausanne about it. "It would be nice to have a medal set for every discipline and this could be a step in the right direction," writes Swiss athlete Petra Klingler.

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Credits: Cover picture IFSC / Eddie Fowke


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