At the beginning of February the Belgian Simon Lorenzi climbed the second 9a boulder in the world: Soudain Seul. In an exclusive interview with Actiontalk TV, he reveals which tricks he had to use to crack the demanding boulder.

The BETA program is presented by Bächli Bergsport and Mammut

The seventh edition of Actiontalk TV's BETA program is now online. One of the main topics is the ascent of the second 9a boulder in the world by Simon Lorenzi.

In two further exclusive interviews we talk to Sean Villanueva about his incredible solo ascent of the Moonwalk Traverse in Patagonia and to Antonios Sykaris about the chaotic conditions in the K2 death zone.

Second 9a boulder in the world / Solo ascent in Patagonia / Chaos in the K2 / BETA # 7 death zone

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