The latest episode of Actiontalk TV and LACRUX's BETA program is dedicated to historical climbing routes such as Action Directe, Hubble and Akira. In exclusive interviews with the German climbing professional Alex Megos and the controversial Frenchman Fred Rouhling, we investigate the question of whether climbing history needs to be rewritten and what about the confused history of the 9b route Akira.

The BETA news show is presented by Bächli Bergsport and Mammut

As part of the fifth issue of BETA, we also have brief news about the bouldering blocks, the European Championship and show (with good reason) unpublished footage of our shooting. And we are giving away a set of Friends by on YouTube Wild Country.

The topics of episode 5 of BETA at a glance

Actiontalk BETA - Episode 5


Exciting stories from the north face

Do you have a weakness for gripping stories? Then the book is Passion Eiger right for you. Roger Schäli knows the Eiger north face like the back of his hand. He climbed the legendary wall around 50 times - on both classic and new routes. With his Book Passion Eiger The professional alpinist now lets you look into his passion on 200 pages and also unravels the history of the north face.

The golden age from 1966 with the Josh Harlin and the Japanese route or the Czech pillar find space in the book as well as the development of spectacular routes in the recent past.

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