It does not always have to be Ticino. With mild temperatures and little snow, there are many areas north of the Alps where you can climb in T-shirts in winter. We have put together our favorites in easy to medium difficulty.

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On nice days, it can basically be climbed in most areas, which are south-facing and not too high. However, the approach through the snow - which of course can be mastered with snowshoes or skis - as well as wet rock through melt water from above is to be considered. We picked out the most popular winter areas north of the Alps and introduce them to you.

Gallery South at Weesen

The classic in winter! On nice weekend days it can get really busy here. The rock bands above the Walensee offer numerous routes in almost all levels of difficulty, with a focus in the 6. and 7. Degree. They lead to countless ledges and edges by vertical to slightly overhanging lime. The more popular routes can be a bit tapped.

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Sunneplättli near Gersau

Nomen est omen - this small wall above Lake Lucerne gets plenty of sun all year round. The routes in 5. and 6. Difficulty lead through lime-decomposed lime. The light pine forest and the magnificent view make the ambience unsurpassable. On weekends, it can be a bit tight on the narrow wall foot.

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More sun is almost impossible

Telli at Alpnach

The long rock ledge above the Alpnacher See offers, apart from the overhanging right wall part, rather platy routes. The difficulty levels are mainly distributed in 6. and 7. Degree. Sharp strips and holes characterize the picture here. Attention when approaching via the railroad crossing!

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Ibergeregg - Chli Schijen

Although the Chli Schijen is located a little higher (1500 m.ü.M.), it can be here, even in winter, good climbing, unless there is too much snow. Access is via the all year passable pass Ibergeregg. The routes are divided into different blocks, with the 6er and 7er at Block B (Topo Extrem East) in particular being highly recommended. Beautiful view and a cozy, family-friendly space at the Wandfuss!

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Holzflue above Balsthal in the Solothurn Jura

One of the most popular areas in the Solothurn Jura. The most rewarding sector bridge wall overlooking Balsthal offers around 30 routes in 5. to 7. Difficulty. Most vertical, technical climbing on strips, scales and holes, as it is typical for the Jura. In the cooler months, unfortunately, often in the fog, but otherwise the perfect winter area.

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Schartenflue above Gempen in the Basel Jura

Probably the most popular area of ​​Basel. Especially the sector Sandührliwand gets a lot of sun even in winter. The round 30 routes in 5. to 7 degrees lead through compact rock with countless holes and hourglasses. Every now and then something tapped.

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Schmocken at Beatenberg

One of the many winter climbing areas in the Interlaken area! Around 40 routes in 6. and 7. Difficulty, in a somewhat habituation-needy style. Nice view of the mountains and Lake Thun. In addition to the Schmocken, there are several other winter areas in the Interlaken area, including Harder and Brüggettli.

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The cap should not be missing in winter

Matlusch at Fläsch

The small but beautiful climbing garden at the entrance to Graubünden offers mainly routes in 6. and 7. Difficulty. Vertical wall climbing with cracks and intersections await you here. Some places are slightly polished, on the left wall part can also crumble something out. The wall foot is slightly sloping in the lower part, but wide. In the upper left part is secured by a narrow rock band.

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Ascending south wall

The elongated rock band near Appenzell offers more than 160 routes, mainly in 6. Difficulty. The area is a bit higher (1600 m.ü.M.), but in Föhn periods and with little snow, it climbs here in the winter wonderful. The ascent takes place on foot above Weissbad or with the Ebenalp-Bahn from Wasserauen (note the temporary closures in winter), at best on skis or snowshoes. Beware of falling snowweeds over the wall!

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You can even climb next to the most famous inn in Alpstein. But only out of season.

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