The 29-year-old Austrian Jakob Schubert managed to walk the 9a route Weisse Rose at the Schleier waterfall shortly after the relaxation measures in his country.

Long waited Jakob Schubert in the lockdown and exercised in the back yard. Apparently, the lockdown did not affect his performance that badly, because Jakob announced the red dot ascent of the route a few days ago White Rose.

“I'm really happy that I was able to get the third Weisse Rose ascent. Alexander Huber first climbed this fantastic route in 1994 when I was three years old? "

Jakob Schubert on the red dot ascent of Weisse Rose

The of Alexander Huber The first route started was one of the most difficult routes in the world at the time and it took almost 15 years before the route was repeated - from Adam Ondra.

Jakob Schubert trained for weeks in a corona lockdown

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Credits: Cover picture Flo Murnig