The Burgdorf climber Remo Lehmann got lost in the deep Bündnerland last week. To be more precise, to the Tiefencastel hard mover area. There he climbs Hassan (8a) and Wallflower (8b) in one day. In the article picture, Remo is training on the mobile fingerboard.

The Tiefencastel climbing area is located a few minutes from the village of the same name and is therefore easily accessible by public transport. The wall offers routes in grades 5a - 8b + with a maximum length of 20 meters. In Tiefencastel, joy only arises in the upper seventh grade. Thanks to its northern orientation and altitude, it is an ideal summer climbing area

Remo Lehmann cruises through the eights

Apparently Remo Lehmann appreciated this and used it. After his training session on the mobile handle board, he climbs two routes in the eighth degree in one day: Hassan (8a) and wallflower (8b). That it is even more difficult proved Remo in April this year, when he climbed Hybris (8c +) in Lehn.

Remo Lehmann climbs hubris (8c +)

Mobile fingerboard as a training tool for on the go

Remo Lehmann apparently also uses the mobile fingerboard for training sessions on the way or to warm up. LACRUX tested the finger board from Awesome Woodys in June. More in the following article.

Awesome Woody - Awesome fingerboard to warm up or when travelling

Credits: Image Remo Lehmann


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  1. Great performance from Remo. Which would actually be dealt with in 2 sentences. But luckily you can still write 3 sections on a mobile fretboard. Ok, everyone needs some money to live. But there was the good, old advertising banner sympathetic. After all, it was clear: this is advertising.

    1. Hello "Jurassic climbers"

      Allow us to be a little critical of your comment. In the good old days, criticism was not written anonymously, but publicly with one's name and written a letter to the editor. We are open to critical remarks and - as in this case - also publish them. At the same time, we actually expect that the author does not write this anonymously.

      And to the point of criticism: Yes, everyone needs money to live. And no, we did not get any money for the Awesome Woodys article. We were only provided a fretboard. If an article is associated with an effective financial commitment (sponsored content), then we clearly declare that. By the way, never happened before.

      But apart from that, what do you say about the fact that it is now taken for granted to consume media content without spending a centime? In the past every household had a newspaper subscription and it was clear that editorial content had to be researched, written and published by people. This is work that has to be paid. We look forward to your opinion and the discussion.

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