On Saturday, a woman crashed into the depths while on the Fiamma, losing her life. On the same day, two alpinists lost their lives on the Dent Blanche in Valais.

A 30-year-old German and her 36-year-old companion wanted to climb the Fiamma in the canton of Graubünden on Saturday. According to initial findings, it broke off shortly before 17 p.m. at an altitude of around 2 m above sea level. M. a piece of rock on which the woman was. The man was touched by the piece of rock while the woman fell over 400 meters into the depth.

A third party became aware of the situation and alerted the emergency services. The woman could only be rescued dead by the Rega with the help of a rescue specialist helicopter of the SAC section Bernina. The man was flown to Stampa with minor injuries and transported from there to the Samedan hospital with an ambulance at the Bregaglia hospital.

The public prosecutor and the canton police Graubünden clarify the exact circumstances that led to this disaster.

Two mountainers lose their lives on the south ridge of the Dent Blanche

On the 3. August 2019 shortly after 8: 30, a deadly mountain accident has occurred at Dent Blanche. Two climbers crashed while climbing the normal route on the south ridge of the Dent Blanche. They lost their lives.

Two German mountaineers were on the ascent to Dent Blanche on the south ridge when they crashed between the Grand Gendarme and the summit for reasons not yet cleared into the deep. Other climbers watching the fall struck alarm. Rescue teams flown on-site with a helicopter of the Air-Glaciers could only detect the death of the two crashed alpinists.

The circumstances that led to the crash of the two climbers are still uncertain. The prosecution has opened an investigation.

The formal identification of the victims is under way.

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Credits: Press Releases Canton Grisons and Valais, picture ZVg


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