At the beginning of March we reported one hair-raising abseiling action of Austrian alpinist Hansjörg Auer. In the following Interview We got insights into the motivations of Hansjörg and his motivation to move on a fine line again and again. To round out the picture of the extraordinary athlete, we would like to share the following video with you.

At least since the free solo on the classic Dolomites route The path through the fish (37 SL, 7b +) one knows the name Hansjörg Auer. Hansjörg realized another sensational project with the Free solo ascent of three peaks in the Dolomites in one day. The Austrian is described by many as crazy and hardworking; he is accused of putting himself in the limelight with the daring actions. Who is Hansjörg really? How does he choose his projects? The following portrait video paints the picture of an extremely personable and thoughtful mountaineer.

Video about Hansjörg Auer

Credits: Cover picture Hansjörg Auer

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