A few days ago published Hansjörg Auer, among others, known for his Free-solo ascents, a film about his abseiling on the Achplatte in Austria. Something brighter we have never seen.

Obviously, this is an emergency situation, because no one voluntarily takes off from such a stone. Important: Please do not imitate! Here you are shown how to rappel in normal situations.

Hansjörg Auer in an interview

LACRUX spoke to Hansjörg Auer about his abseiling action on the Achplatte. More in the following article.

Hansjörg Auer in an interview about his abseiling campaign

Credits: picture Screenshot video


3 replies to "Hansjörg Auer: Probably the most dangerous abseiling action"

  1. Unfortunately, you could not see if there were interim backups

    Then such an action would be responsible

    A tightly clamped and frozen small stone is probably more reliable than some 50 years old stand with beaten hooks

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