Adam Ondra has been in Spain for a few days and starts with a first success. He climbs the 8c route Palindrom onsight. But not only.

Adam Ondra's stay in Spain starts promisingly. He onsighted several routes at once, namely Palindrom, Tres tristes triceps (8b) and an 8a route and flashed Buscando a pepillo (8a) - all in one climbing day.

"Cool line, even if it's a bit morpho. Perhaps the route is more likely to be rated 8b+ if you are tall?”

Adam Ondra

Such a ticklist at the end of a climbing day is impressive in itself. In addition, Ondra made the 8c onsight ascent after projecting the King Capella (9b) route. When will Ondra King Cappella probably climb? And what level of difficulty will he give. After an initial rating of 9b+ by the Scot Will Bosi was the route late last year by Schubert and megos classified as easier.

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Credits: Cover picture Art of Route