On Sunday, 4. November 2018, Adam Ondra started on-sightseeing the famous Salathé Wall route on El Capitan. However, the first pitch of the headwall stopped his plan.

"Salathe was a dream of mine for a long time," writes Adam Ondra about his onsight attempt at El Capitan. Not only did the strongest climber in the world want to score the route, he also wanted to get an onsight ascent from it. "Some dreams came true yesterday, but the ultimate - the onsight is not fulfilled. And the nature of onsight is that it will never be fulfilled any more, ”continues the 25-year-old.

Quickly 8a and 8b-route and 8b-Boulder climbed to prepare

Adam has been in the United States for nearly a week and drove straight to the United States Yosemite National Park, The anticipation of his big goal, the onsight-celebration of the Salathé Wall was great. Accordingly, he “wasted” little time preparing for and getting used to granite climbing. He climbed the classic junction in just two attempts Book of Hate (8b) and onsightete the crack route Cosmic Debris (8a). Adam also scored the seated launch version (Dominated, 8b) of the Jerry Moffat Boulder Dominator (8a +) on the day of Cosmic's inauguration.

Boulder Dominated - check


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Onsight trial accompanied by Nico Favresse

On Sunday morning at 00.01 clock started Adam Ondra then together with Nico Favresse with the onsight of the Salathé Wall. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the two of them were already facing the famous "bouldering problem" - until then they were still in onsight luck. After the two crossed the Enduro section and the roof at 13.30 p.m. and started towards the headwall, it was over. In the upper part of the first pitch of the headwall, Adam fell off the route. On the second attempt on the pitch, too, he fell just short of the stand.

Adam Ondra enters the Salathé Wall with Nico Favresse
Adam Ondra joins the Salathé Wall with Nico Favresse (picture Adam Bernardo Gimenez).

Salathé Wall information

First visit in the year 1961 by Royal Robbins, Tom Frost and Chuck Pratt
First free ascent: Todd Skinner and Paul Piana in 1988 in nine days
Length: 870m (35 pitches)
Difficulty: 8a / 8a +

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Credits: Cover picture Bernardo Gimenez


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