Adam Ondra used the World Cup in Briançon, France, for a detour to the Entraygues climbing area. His goal was a flash ascent of the route La Mustache qui Fache (9a +).

In February 2018 wrote Adam Ondra Climbing history. At that time he succeeded in ascent of a 9a + route in the first attempt (Flash). Up until then and until now, no other climber was able to do that. Just after the World Cup in Briançon, where Adam Ondra was at the top of the podium, he felt in perfect shape and drove into the area Entraygues.

The French professional climber was with him Sébastien Bouinwhich gives him valuable information about the route La mustache qui fold (9a +) gave. The following video shows Adam Ondra's flash attempt. Have fun with the excitement.

Adam Ondra at the flash attempt of the route La Mustache qui Fache (9a +)

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