Adam Ondra paid a visit to the climbing mecca Frankenjura and added numerous difficult routes to his ticklist.

Newly wed it went for Adam Ondra and his wife Iva Ondra ins Frankenjura, Germany. The stay was not a classic honeymoon, but rather an ordinary climbing trip.

The Ondra's visited climbing gardens such as Eibgrat, Schlaraffenland or Zauppenberger Wand. First, Adam Ondra took on the 9a route House of Cards, first ascended by Moritz Welt in 2020. After only four attempts, the red point ascent was done - and Adam Ondra suggests grade 8c +.

The Schlaraffenland climbing area in the Franconian Jura. (Image
The Schlaraffenland climbing area in the Franconian Jura. (Image

The One Whore's Town route, originally rated 8b +, also had to give up. Ondra climbed the tour onsight and says: “My suggestion for the route is 8b or 8b / b +.” The routes Alexander the Great (8c / c +, in the second attempt), Odin's table (8b, retro onsight) got away with it without being devalued ), Friends Like You (8b / b +, in three attempts), Dr. Kimble (8a +, retro onsight) and Ragnarök (8a, onsight).

Video: Replay of Nice Freshly Baked (9a)

Last but not least, Adam Ondra managed to repeat another 9a route, Nice Freshly Baked, first climbed by Alexander Megos in 2014. The route is an exit variant of the Kostermeyer route Shangri-la (8c +), which Ondra im Age of 14 already scored. So he knew the first section of the route and was afraid he might have trouble with the route.

“Fortunately it worked. I was able to climb the lower part pretty solidly up to the variation which then pulls to the right. "

Adam Ondra

In the key point, another move has to be made from a heelhook, which Ondra says was good in terms of style. Therefore, he could not say with certainty whether it was really a 9a.

“For me, this variant of Shangri-la didn't feel any harder than the original tour. But the move is certainly much more difficult for smaller climbers. "

Adam Ondra

Video: Ondra inspecting Nice Freshly Baked (9a)

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Adam Ondra Climbing Nice Freshly Baked

Adam Ondra Climbing Nice Freshly Baked.

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