Adam Ondra visited the crack climbing mecca par excellence in 2018: Indian Creek in the United States. The 8a route Belly Full of Bad Berries brought him to the absolute physical limit.

It is rated 8a, 25 meters long, 45 degrees overhanging and runs along a perfect crack: the route Belly Full of Bad Berries in Indian Creek. The route is a typical off-width route. One speaks of offwidth if the crack is too narrow for a fist clamp and too big for the whole body, so that the crack can be climbed as a chimney.

There are few routes where you really have to go to the absolute physical limit, so you almost have to vomit. Belly Full of Bad Berries is one such route.

Adam Ondra

The latest edition of the video series Road to Tokyo shows Adam Ondra while climbing the route and showcasing various crack climbing techniques.

Adam Ondra climbs Belly Full of Bad Berries

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