In the Czech Republic, too, no climbing was announced for several weeks. But about a week ago Adam Ondra went to his home area and climbed the 8c boulder iceberg.

Long waited Adam Ondra, like many other professional climbers, from home. Fortunately, he has a handsome boulder wall at home, which paid off. Because a week ago Adam succeeded, for the first time on the rock, in climbing the Martin Stranik opened Boulders Iceberg.

Adam Ondra has this bouldering paradise at home. (Picture EpicTV)

Seven first boulder ascents

In the days after the Iceberg ascent, Adam Ondra briefly opened seven boulders in the eighth degree of French. Below the lines Body tension (8a +), Uvolnena Mysl (8b) and Sensei (8b +) - all in the Moravian Karst, near his home town of Brno.

Video: Adam Ondra inspecting Iceberg

Complete video series "Road to Tokyo" by Adam Ondra

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