A few days ago, Adam Ondra managed the first repetition of the route beginning (9a / +). Because Adam found a knee clamp, the difficulty of the route was reduced. Adam suggests 9a as a difficulty.

kneepads are to be found more and more frequently - in bouldering and sport climbing. An athlete who kept hiding knee Klemmer is found in routes Adam Ondra. So most recently in the Beginning route in the Italian sport climbing mecca bow. Adam hangs upside down in the middle of the route and can - alternately - rest for almost a minute and a half thanks to knee clamps.

Red point ascent in the second attempt

Thanks to the knee clamp and thus the relief of the forearms, the Czech climber got a red point ascent from Beginning in his second attempt. The route connects two existing lines and is very endurance-heavy.

Due to the new solution, the difficulty of the route has probably decreased. Adam Ondra suggests for the sport climbing route Beginning a slight devaluation to 9a.

Adam Ondra during the ascent of Beginning in Eremo di San Paolo (Arco)

Complete video series "Road to Tokyo" by Adam Ondra

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions