Adam Ondra finally manages the redpoint ascent of an old project in Tyrol, Austria: Qui (9a +).

About eleven years ago rose Adam Ondra first in the route Who at the Ghostsmith Wall, but had to drive away without doing anything. Since then, Adam has been trying the route for a total of 10 days, spanning roughly 10 years. In an interview called Adam the route Qui as "the route that I can not climb".

Route since 23 years without repetition

The route Qui was 1996 first by the Austrian Stefan Fürst and waited more than two decades for a repetition. Last week, Adam Ondra returned again and ended the long-term project. The icing on the cake "i" was the fact that Adam Ondra secured by the first comer, Stefan Fürst.

"The route is heavy. It largely follows Gerhard Hörhager's 8c route Venture Orange to a bad haven and then leads to a brutal key position with long stretches of tiny side handles. "

Adam Ondra on the Rotue Qui

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions