The Italian climber Andrea Zanone climbs with the route Coup de Grâce in Val Bavona his first 9a.

Andrea has already climbed three 8c + this summer, proving that he is fit. On the 22. In October of this year, he went one better and clipped the stand of the Bavona classic Coup de Grâce, The 9a route was first acquired by Dave Graham's 2005.

No expectation, no pressure, a lot of motivation

Andrea Zanone was apparently a bit surprised by his inspection: “I don't know how to explain what happened in Val bavona !! I was too psyched to skip one day on the project so me and my brother Marco Zanone took the car and we reached this little classic village in Switzerland. No expectations, no pressure just my classic motivation for this passion were inside me yesterday. The same passion that I'm living everyday since 2007, when I decided to live my life as a climber. So now every pieces of my puzzle went together, all the sacrifices, the time dedicate, the motivation, the body and mental aspects collaborated as just one thing and I was able to climb the hardest thing in my life. "

Alex Megos already climbed the tour this fall

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Credits: Matteo Pavana


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