The 24-year-old climber Alexander Megos mastered three 9a routes and seven 8b + / c routes on his one-week trip 'Helveticlimb' through Switzerland in August. Without a single day of rest.

The 24-year-old professional climber from Germany is a real wonder when it comes to sport climbing. In just six days, Alexander conquers three 9a routes without even a single day of rest. Incidentally, he commits seven more hard classics on Swiss soil.

Beat Kammerlander impressed

"All in all, I needed two seasons for speed to climb the route and Alexander does «Speed ​​Intégrale», which is even more demanding, in two days - that's a difference, ”states Beat Kammerlander, who was able to book the first ascent of“ Speed ​​”in 1995.

From B as Basler Jura to V as Voralpsee

His tour took Alex from the Voralpsee in Grabs, Canton St. Gallen, Chuenisberg in the Basel Jura to Tüfleten above Dornach and from there to Soyhières at Delémont and finally to Val Bavona in Ticino.

Video about the Swiss climbing trip by Alexander Megos

The climbed routes

Wo ROAD difficulty
Day 1 & 2: Voralpsee 1 Speed ​​Intégrale 9a
Day 3: Chuenisberg 2 Ravage 8b + / c
3 Enfant de la boheme 8c
4 L'appel de la forêt 8c
Day 4: Tüfleten 5 In the kingdom of the shogun 9a
Day 5: Soyhières 6 The difficult times 8c +
7 Mines de rien 8b +
8 Ramstein 8b +
9 Déjà 8b +
Day 6: Val Bavona 10 Coup de grace 9a

Credits: Text provided, picture Thomas Ballenberger / Red Bull Content Pool

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