Peguet, a company specializing in the manufacture of quick links, Maillon Rapide, calls for a review of its 8mm models.

Peguet is one of the largest manufacturers of quick links, so-called Maillon Rapide, which are primarily used in climbing at deflectors and at stands.

During a route survey, the company found a Maillon Rapide in the production batch that had cracked on the surface. According to Peguet, it is a production error.

The products of batch A.19.04 are affected. Maillon Rapide 8mm.

What must be done when the affected Maillon Rapide is in possession

Peguet calls on owners of Maillon Rapide to examine the products for any defects. If you find a crack or other defect, please contact Peguet directly: [email protected].

Recommendation LACRUX

  • Anyone who has equipped routes with Peguet products should check them to be on the safe side.
  • Anyone who recently walked on rehabilitated routes should check the Maillon Rapide for defects as described above before using it.

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