If you want to escape the cold weather in northern regions, a pleasantly warm climate awaits you in Valchiavenna. With more than 70 climbing crags, the Valchiavenna Rock climbing guide covers an extensive area with immense climbing opportunities - for every taste, every level of difficulty and every season.

The regions Valchiavenna and Engadin, with the two passes Maloja and Splügen, represent large transit zones. For everyone coming from Northern Europe, the Valchiavenna and nearby Valtellina are the gateway to sunny Italy. A warm climate, good food and, of course, immense climbing opportunities await here.

Valchiavenna Rock: 71 crags

The climbing guide offers a detailed overview Valchiavenna Rock from the Versante Sud-Publisher. The 400-page reference book describes a total of 71 crags in Valchiavenna, Valle Spluga, Bergell and Engadin.

The climbing guide Valchiavenna Rock covers 71 crags in Valchiavenna, Valle Spluga, Bergell and Engadine. Image: Versante Sud
The climbing guide Valchiavenna Rock covers 71 crags in Valchiavenna, Valle Spluga, Bergell and Engadine. Picture: Versante Sud

After a long period of standstill, there has been a real boom in Valchiavenna in the last 15 years and numerous new climbing gardens and multi-rope routes at high and medium altitudes have been developed and set up.

The climbing crag of Uschione, with its considerable development, and the sunny wall of Strem in Val Bodengo, stand out here, where, in addition to a historic route of the rope team Paolo Cogliati and Nicola Noè, many other new routes were opened in the 2000s. 

A «homemade» climbing guide

Besides climbing guide author Simone Manzi numerous other locals have contributed to the Valchiavenna Rock. A significant advantage for everyone who buys this climbing guide: Local climbers have the latest information, do not just concentrate on the best-known spots and invest the proceeds in new crags.

Because only what is allowed to be published is published, individual towns are supported and there is a close connection to local reality, this local reference also benefits the region.

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Credits: Cover picture Versante Sud | Riccardo Lerda

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