Due to the exceptional location and by order of the Federal Council, special rules apply to sports and leisure facilities. While some climbing and bouldering halls limit the number of visitors, others completely shut down operations. An overview (as of March 16.03.2020, XNUMX), the list is not exhaustive.

UPDATE, May 11, 2020, 10.12:XNUMX a.m.
Numerous Swiss climbing halls are open again. These are the conditions. Learn more.

O'Bloc climbing hall

Due to the federal decision of March 13, 2020, only up to 50 people are allowed in the hall. From now on you can register here for climbing or bouldering until April 06th, 2020. Registration is mandatory and the time slots are binding. Cancellation is not possible.

You can only climb as a private person. Group registrations are not possible.

Please do not leave any comments when registering. The comments will not be read!

The current courses and private lessons are still taking place. All other courses will be canceled.

The O'BLOC'is Kids courses for children and adolescents will not take place until further notice.

The website provides information about the current situation.


Bimano bouldering hall

Dear Guests,

From the current corona situation, we now have to limit the number of people present on our site. The seats in the restaurant are reduced to 40 people and the entrance for bouldering / skating must be limited (100 people in total). So: we ask you to register at the entrance and indicate in which area you go (restaurant / playground + skate / bouldering). Accordingly, a deregistration must take place when going out. We are working on a solution how you can view the current number of guests online so that you do not come for nothing. Until then, you can inquire by phone.

Merci for helping and understanding in any circumstances.
See you soon!


Climbing hall magnet

We take into account the Federal Council regulation of March 13, 2020 and the associated recommendations so that the MAGNET can remain open.

The MAGNET team is convinced that we can guarantee the prescribed rules of conduct, such as compliance with hygiene measures and, above all, the appropriate distance for the size of the MAGNET.

From now on, no more than 100 people may be in the climbing hall at the same time and we will ensure this with our previous and proven personal entrance control.

All courses take place (excl. Unisport, see Unisport homepage)
We will inform you about other possible measures such as possibly limiting the climbing time to 4 hours during peak times or special additional time windows.

We trust in your own responsibility and cooperation in complying with the recommendations of the Federal Council and the Federal Office of Public Health.
The MAGNET team


Bouldering hall B2

Dear friends

Last Friday we decided to close the B2 until Monday. Because of the rapid spread of the corona virus and the new regulations on the part of the federal government, it was the only right decision for us.

We needed time to think about how to proceed and to wait and see what additional measures the canton will work out. It was important to us not just to adopt a new target, but to think about what contribution we can make so that the health system is not overloaded.

The situation has worsened drastically in the past two days. The number of new infections is rising rapidly and the healthcare system is under increasing pressure.

Anything other than a temporary closure does not make sense to us and we therefore welcome the decision of the canton of Basel-Landschaft that all entertainment venues must stop operating. This applies from March 16 to April 30, 2020. During this time, the B2 remains temporarily closed.

These are drastic measures in difficult times and it is now up to all of us to slow down the spread of the virus so that the hospitals can be relieved and lives can be saved.

We will develop solutions for our customers with a subscription.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

Stay healthy!
Your B2


Climbing hall 6a Plus

The facility is open until further notice. However, there is a limit of 100 people who can stay in the facility at the same time. The current number of visitors is on coroNOW Visible online, so that you always know whether there is still enough space to climb,


Bouldering hall block field

The facility is open until further notice.
Courses and trainings take place

However, there is a visitor limit of 99 people.

The entrances and exits are recorded at the reception.
* Keep your distance.
* Chalked and washes hands regularly.


Griffig climbing hall

Dear customer

Due to the measures taken by the Federal Council, only 100 people may be present in the hall at the same time. So it can happen that you have to wait at the reception until other guests leave the hall.

Of course, the hygiene rules of the BAG still apply.

The situation can change at any time, we keep you up to date here.
Thank you very much for your understanding

Your GRIFFIG team


Gasworks climbing center

Dear customers

According to the decision of the Federal Council, our climbing centers are allowed to from now on only a maximum of 99 people stop at the same time. For this reason, waiting times at the entrance must be expected, since other customers may have to leave the climbing center first. Until further notice, only customers with a valid subscription or when paying a single entry (because of the limitation no free entry for spectators, safer people etc.). We also instruct all exercisers to be maximum 3 hours to stay in our premises. The sale of food and drinks is now only "to go" (take away), there is no longer any seating in the bistro area.

All courses are currently canceled by the end of April.

The hygiene regulations of the BAG are mandatory.
Please note that the regulations can change at any time (even purely cantonal).


Bouldering hall minimum

The minimum bouldering hall is temporarily closed from Saturday, March 14.3.20th, XNUMX!

The minimum restaurant will be temporarily closed from March 17.3.20th, XNUMX!

The reason:
The corona virus is currently spreading so rapidly that hospitals and the health system are being overloaded. To prevent this, the hygiene measures previously prescribed are no longer sufficient.

A bouldering hall is somehow a mixture of club and fitness center, moreover, the operation is like a major event at peak times. Logical that the only effective help is the complete closure of the hall for a certain time.

Until when is it still completely unclear ... Should anything change in the situation, we communicate this immediately on all channels.

We thank you for your understanding and wish everyone a lot of serenity and health.


Climbing hall St. Gallen

Dear climbing friends, dear guests
Due to the exceptional location and by order of the Federal Council, the following measures apply to sports and leisure facilities from now until April 30, 2020: Canton SG
Restricted number of visitors. A maximum of 100 guests may stay in the climbing hall at the same time. The required distance must be maintained in the climbing hall and the adjoining rooms. To control and comply with this restriction, there are 100 entry straps available that must be returned after the visit.
Thank you for your understanding and dänkäd dra:
Wash your hands and keep your distance!


Bouldering lounge St. Gallen

The bouldering operation is limited to a maximum of 100 boulderers / visitors including staff limited. We will check in all visitors at the cash desk and as soon as you leave we ask you to de-register. It can therefore also happen that you have to wait at the checkout. Our company remains open normally, all ongoing bouldering courses and training courses are taking place as planned.


Pilatus indoor

Corona virus: Our climbing hall remains open!

According to the decision of the Federal Council, a maximum of 100 people can be in our climbing hall at the same time. The following also applies:

  • People who are sick or feel sick are not allowed to enter our hall.
  • We recommend that people over the age of 65 and people with a pre-existing medical condition refrain from visiting.
  • Our climbing courses and trainings take place on schedule.

In addition, the protective measures recommended by the BAG apply: BAG protective measures
We reserve the right to make changes at any time, we recommend visiting our website regularly.


List of Swiss climbing halls

On the IG Kletteranlagen website you will find a list of the most important climbing and bouldering halls in Switzerland with corresponding links on their website.

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