From May 11, 2020, climbing and bouldering halls may open their gates again. In compliance with strict regulations. These are the rules. Important: The hall operators are dependent on the understanding / participation of the climbing community.

With the relaxation plan communicated by the Federal Council, climbing gyms can finally open their gates again from May 11, 2020. Finally, climbers can once again let off steam with colorful handles instead of the monotonous fingerboard. But opening the climbing halls is subject to strict regulations, which is a challenge for the operator. They are really looking forward to visitors, but they rely on the cooperation of their climbing community.

Liquid magnesium or disinfectant will be part of the climbing equipment from May 11, 2020.

Simon Riediker, President of the Swiss Climbing Area Interest Group

Indoor climbing is linked to these conditions

From May 11, 2020, a separate Corona access form must be completed for each visit and handed in at the reception. The aim of the admission form is to trace a possible infection. In addition, the general and climbing-specific rules of conduct are indicated in the access form.

General rules of conduct

Rules of conduct for climbing

  • I plan my arrival individually and avoid public transport.
  • I change at home and enter the facility ready for training. Cloakrooms / showers are blocked.
  • I regularly disinfect my hands before and after climbing liquid magnesium or disinfectant.
  • I only climb every second climbing line so that the distance is allowed.
  • I don't gather in groups of more than 5 people.
  • I adhere to all other system-specific requirements.

Anyone who shows symptoms of illness, suspects an infection or belongs to the risk group is asked not to use the climbing gyms. Anyone who develops symptoms should contact a doctor and inform their surroundings.

IMPORTANT: Before visiting, inform yourself about the special rules in your climbing hall. You will also find the Corona access form there.

Limited number of visitors

In order to comply with the distance rule, the climbing hall operators must limit the number of visitors (1 person per 10 square meters). In order to prevent climbers from being denied access or from having to wait, various operators will communicate the current capacity on their website.

Capacity problems are not to be expected in halls with large floor space.

Diego Lampugnani, managing director of the St. Gallen climbing hall

However, there should be no bottlenecks in larger climbing facilities, because the number of visitors is lower in May and the following months than in winter due to the season.

Protective equipment for climbing and bouldering

Liquid Magnesium (Liquid Chalk)

Jakob Schubert swears by Mammut's Liquid Chalk transmitter. The liquid magnesium keeps your skin dry longer and has a disinfecting effect at the same time. Nothing stands in the way of your long-awaited training session. Allez!

Liquid Chalk Sender from Mammut keeps your fingers dry longer and has a disinfecting effect at the same time.

face mask

Mit dieser face mask you are prepared for your next climbing hall visit. It is washable at 60 ° C and can therefore be used again and again. Die Maske offers space for a protective filter.

With this face mask you are ready for your next climbing hall visit.

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