What do you give a climber? What is a suitable gift for boulderers? We present you eight products that make every climbing heart beat faster.

Whether a warming down gilet, a stylish knife for your picnic on the wall or chalk that brings you success in your project. With these gift ideas for climbing and bouldering, you are guaranteed to ensure bright eyes and good moments out on the rock.

1 Picnic in style - The Tattoo Wood Knife by Deejo

Most climbers have cheese, a little meat, bread, combined with a fruit, nuts and chocolate on the menu when they are outside on the rock. The Emmental cheese and the fine Italian salami need to be cut into bite-sized portions.

This has recently been done in style. The tattoo knife from Deejo is available in various pretty designs - you are guaranteed to find the right subject for your loved one.

tattoo wood knife_deejo_gift idea climber boulderer

2 No more shuddering when belaying - the Compressor Pant from Mountain Equipment

Do you know the situation You stand at the foot of the wall with the Grigri in your hand and slowly but surely the cold creeps up inside you. You start shivering and are completely frozen when it's your turn to climb again. We have the ultimate weapon against this problem: The Compressor Pant thermal pants.

With these pants, combined with a down jacket, you are guaranteed not to freeze. And thanks to the side zippers over the entire leg length, you can even put them on at the stand on a multi-pitch route!

compressor pant_mountain equipment-gift idea climber boulderer

3 Dry, drier, driest - Black Gold Chalk from Black Diamond

Climbers have a thousand arguments when it comes to justifying the unsuccessful ascent: sweaty fingertips, the wrong shoe, too much callous skin on the fingertips and so on.

At least the first excuse, the sweaty fingertips, no longer applies at the latest with the use of the magnesium Black Gold. Because the special Magnesium Black Gold Chalk from Black Diamond contains 10% Upsalite, an extremely porous form of magnesium carbonate that absorbs twice as much moisture as other compounds.

black gold chalk black diamond _gift idea climber boulderer

4 Tiny in pack size, big in thermal output - Frostline West from Mountain Equipment

Another product from Mountain Equipment we don't want to withhold from you: The Frostline West. If you don't want to wear a conventional down jacket, but still need a warming garment due to the temperatures, a down vest is the perfect choice. The Frostline West has a water-repellent outer material and is a whopping 71 grams!

frostline west mountain equipment _gift idea climber boulderer

5 Colorful on the rock - The T-shirt from LACRUX

The best climbing and bouldering photos come with brightly colored clothing, that's the recommendation of a mountain sports photographer. Because whoever wears black or brown is hardly noticeable in the picture. So, get yourself a colorful T-shirt from LACRUX - you are spoiled for choice.

t-shirt lacrux

6 Fresh bread every day - with the Omnia Camping oven

Have you ever baked bread on the gas stove? We do! The longer you sleep secluded from the outside world, the more you miss fresh bread. With the Omnia you can bake fresh bread every day.

omnia oven
The gas stove oven from Omnia

7 Warm and Covid-compliant - the neck tube from UYN

Whether you like them or not, they have become an integral part of everyday life: the face masks, community masks or whatever they are called. We recommend a clever combination of neck tube (scarf) and face mask for those who will soon be jumping on the boards.

The UYN neck tube complies with the guidelines of the Swiss national working group on science COVID-19 and the French standards association Afnor. This means that the Winter Community Maks effectively reduces the effective area of ​​droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing or speaking, while at the same time allowing normal breathing. With this product you kill two birds with one stone.

UYN neck tube_Corona

8 A piece of climbing history - The biography of Kurt Albert

Kurt Albert (1954-2010) was one of the greatest and most witty climbers and mountaineers of all time. He was one of the pioneers of the international free climbing movement and is considered the invention of the Red point climbing.

The multiple award-winning author and filmmaker fills with his biography Tom duration a memory gap that Kurt Albert's sudden accidental death tore in September 2010. His book will appeal to all those who understand climbing and mountaineering not just as a sport, but as an attitude towards life.

biography kurt albert

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