Janja Garnbret is currently the dominator in competition climbing. Between her World Cup, World Championships and Olympic victories, she always makes a name for herself with strong performances on the rock. She is currently planning the Sharma test piece La Dura Dura in Oliana. If she succeeds, she would be the first woman to climb grade 9b+.

It is news that makes you sit up and take notice: Janja Garnbret projektiert La Dura Dura (9b+) in Oliana. The of Chris Sharma furnished and by Adam Ondra first climbed line is one of the most difficult sport climbing routes in the world. With a successful repetition of the route, the Slovenian top climber would go down in the history books. She would be the first woman to conquer grade 9b+.

Janja Garnbret has taken on the test piece La Dura Dura in Oliana. Image: Roman Krajnik

Reasons that speak for Janja Garnbret

"How stupid of me to think that La Dura Dura is only hard when she is obviously hard hard," reported Janja Garnbret from Spain. The reactions to this humorous comment are not long in coming. That's how you answer Allison Vest immediately: "Well, luckily you're not just great at climbing, you're great at climbing." With this, the professional climber addresses an important point.

"How stupid of me to think that La Dura Dura is only hard when she's obviously hard hard."

Janja Garnbret

Janja Garnbret is an exception in climbing. With 31 World Cup victories, six World Championship gold medals and one Olympic gold medal, she is indisputably in a class of her own on the competitive circuit. In addition, she repeatedly surprises the climbing community with outstanding performances on the rock.

Janja Garnbret in irons (8b +). image fresh air movie

Would you like an example? At the beginning of November 2021 she will be climbing with us Fish Eye as the first woman 8c onsight. And as if that wasn't enough, two days later she doubles and scores with American Hustle (8c) another difficult route onsight. A good four months later she managed the famous and extremely difficult boulder in the Maltatal Iron (8b +).

La Dura Dura lives up to its name

The line that Janja Garnbret has chosen is indisputably one of the toughest sport climbing routes in the world. Not only Adam Ondra's struggle on the route during the first ascent in 2013 bears witness to this Nico Pelorson in Oliana and tried to wring an inspection of the Sharma classic.

Video: Nico Pelorson in La Dura Dura

Although the strong Frenchman aka "Mr. Downgrade" several passages are related. But it wasn't enough for a fall-free climb. "I wasn't strong enough to climb the route during this trip," he writes. In order to be able to climb through them, he will probably be able to train harder. Or maybe even harder, like Janja Garnbret?

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Credits: Cover picture Roman Krajnik