Jernej Kruder concluded the year 2018 with the first ascent of the route Dugi Rat in the Vrulja region. With a difficulty of 9a + it is the hardest route in Croatia.

For the Slovene Jernej Kruder the year could not have ended better. At the beginning of the year he won in Meiringen for the first time a bouldering world cup competition, was overall bouldering world cup winner at the end of the season, scored with Metafizika the second 8c boulder in his homeland and proved his skills at Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca. On the very last day of the old year he succeeded in the red point ascent of the heavily overhanging route Dugi Rat (9a +), which he set up four years ago. “It was a special moment in this small climbing area with its 20 routes. Lots of people were here, all of them climbed hard routes and defied the cool wind, ”says Jernej about the day of the ascent.

"This overhanging climb is not my style."

The route Dugi Rat runs through a cave, is 30 meters long and very pumpy. Although this climbing Jernej doesn't lie, he kept coming back and working on the route. “I was super motivated because I set up the route and because I want to make progress in lead climbing as a boulderer,” says Jernej.

Video about the route Dugi Rat and the climbing in Croatia

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Credits: picture Jernej Kruder


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