The Swiss from Switzerland, Katherine Choong, is in an on-the-go mood. A few weeks ago she became the first Swiss female to climb an 9a (LACRUX reported). On her most recent climbing trip, she has two more difficult routes: Nordic Flower and Nordic Plumber in Flatanger, Norway.

On the 21. August wrote the Jurassian Katherine Choong Swiss climbing history. She was the first Swiss woman to climb an 9a climbing route. She scored Cabane au Canada in Rawyl, At the World Championships in Innsbruck she had stomach problems and could not climb accordingly with full power. She was all the happier with the trip to Norway, which she started after the World Cup in early September.

The ticklist after two weeks

The goal of their journey was the passage through the route Nordic Plumber (8c). Even before she tackled this project, she got into the Flatanger classic Nordic Flower one. “To get used to the very steep roof, I tried the first pitch of Nordic Flower (8b / +). I was so impressed by the super long line of Nordic Plumber that shares the same start as Nordic Flower that I couldn't resist to try it, ”explains Katherine. For a long time she did not let Nordic Flower rest. The following day, she managed to climb through and also a flash ascent of the 8a route Flaggermusmannen.

The project of her trip dotted: Nordic Plumber (8c)

A few days later could Katherine also enter Nordic Plumber in your route book and says enthusiastically: “The line is stunning. Almost 60 meters in some of the world's most impressive granite features through a very steep roof, where you have to put your feet above your head, trying desperately to stuck your knees, toe / heel hooks or whatever else to find weird positions to potentially reach , the high red-point crux at the very very top: the slopey rail, a mental game that I actually really loved to play. "

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Video of the passage of the Nordic Plumber route through Magnus Midtbø

Credits: Cover picture Keith Sharples

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