In the Moravian Karst region of the Czech Republic, there is a 140-meter-deep collapse depression that forms a huge cave. There are climbing routes there, but climbing is only allowed on five days a year. Adam Ondra did not miss this opportunity.

When you think of a cave of this size, you quickly think of mossy, damp rock. Also Ondra went into the huge cave with low expectations but was surprised at how good the rock was.

«When I saw the cave, I was overwhelmed. The rock quality is super good!»

Adam Ondra

Techno routes become free climbing routes

From 2015 Dusan Janak made first attempts to free climb the cave. He tried various old techno routes and came to the conclusion that the «Příklepový strop» line is the easiest. The route runs right through the impressive overhang, the steepest part of the cave, and consists of 70 meters of pure roof climbing and 70 meters of climbing in the terrain after the roof lip. But enough of the words, the following video by Adam Ondra shows the impressive tour.

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Credits: Cover Photo AO Productions / Petr Chodura