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Is Terranova harder than Burden of Dreams (9A)?

Will Bosi is designing the Boulder Terranova (8C+). And he raises the question of whether Terranova could be harder than Burden of Dreams.

He hasn't yelled like that for a long time: Ondra video by Zvěřinec (9b +, hard)

In November 2021, Adam Ondra made the first ascent of one of the most difficult routes in the world: Zvěřinec (9b +). In this recently published video, Ondra shows the inspection process. First of all: He had to make a lot of effort.

Climbing is only allowed on five days a year: Macocha

In the Moravian Karst region of the Czech Republic, there is a 140-meter-deep collapse depression that forms a huge cave. There are climbing routes there, but climbing is only allowed on five days a year. Adam Ondra did not miss this opportunity.

Adam Ondra climbs Water World 9a onsight

And again Adam Ondra announces a success: He manages the onsight ascent of the Route Water World in the climbing area Osp, Slovenia.

Will Bosi vs. Adam Ondra's 9a first ascent from 2007

During the visit to Ondra, Will Bosi devoted himself, among other things, to the never repeated Perla Východu (9a). Can he do it?

Adam Ondra vomits 9a +olekuly (FA) | including video

A few days ago Adam Ondra managed the first ascent of the 9a + Routeolekuly in the Moravský kras area in the north of Brno. The key point demands everything from Ondra, which is expressed in the obligatory roar.

Is Adam Ondra drilling the next 9c route here?

Adam Ondra started by setting up an old line and is confident that the route will be climbable and possibly difficult. Even 9c?

Adam Ondra opens 8c + Boulder Ledoborec

At the end of May 2020, Adam Ondra made the first ascent of a new boulder near Holstejn in the Moravian Karst. For the boulder called Ledoborec there...



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