Nils Favre from Valais was apparently able to convert the frustration about his performance at the first bouldering world cup in Meiringen into “sending power”. He succeeded in ascent of the Fred-Nicole-Route Elfe (8c / +).

At the IFSC competition in mid-April, Nils Favre was unable to perform as he had hoped. “I would have needed a perfect run in my group to make it to the semifinals, but I made a few mistakes,” explains the Valais and adds: “With this boulder, I no longer had the necessary rest for the last move - I still have to work on it. “Perhaps he lacked the necessary calm for the final move, but for the lower part there was certainly no lack of strength and coordination (see the following video). Nils used the early elimination for a session on the rock.

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Between the semi-finals and the final, Nils Favre and Dimitri Vogt drove to the nearby climbing area of ​​Handegg to complete the route Elf (8c / +) to try. Dimitri, who had already worked on the route in the past, made short work of it. For Nils it was not enough on Saturday for the climb. On Sunday he went back into the route and climbed the Elf in the fourth attempt. The following video shows the most difficult parts of the route.

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