The Austrian sports climber Angela (Angy) Eiter climbs with La Planta de Shiva as the first woman on an 9b route.

In the current year, a record message chases the other. On the 26. February climbed the American Margo Hayes becomes the first woman to 9a +, She succeeded in the commission of the Siurana classic La Rambla, On the 14. September was the Belgian Anak Verhoeven with a First ascent a 9a + enter in your route book. Since this was a first ascent, however, the degree still needs to be confirmed.

45 meter strength endurance route

Today the Austrian Angela Eiter went one better. She was the first woman to climb a 9b and rightly comments on the ascent: “One of the most memorable days of my life. I still can't believe it. A dream came true! ”The route La Planta de Shiva was first climbed by Adam Ondra in 2011. The route is an extension of an existing 8c route. In total, the route stretches over 45 meters and demands pure strength endurance with small bars in the second part. The route is located in the climbing area Villanueva del Rosario near Malaga in southern Spain.

Video of Adam Ondra's eighth attempt in La Planta de Shiva

Unfortunately we do not have any picture or video material from Angela about the ascent. But watching Adam Ondra in a 9b is not bad, is it?

Credits: Picture E. Holzknecht / Redbull Content Pool

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