The American Shawn Raboutou managed to inspect two new 9A boulders in the spring. In Ticino he climbed the Alphane Moon Project line, in Eldorado Canyon the Megatron Project. But Raboutou never communicated officially.

In the spring of 2022 was Shawn Raboutou zusammen mit Daniel Woods and numerous other strong guys on the Ticino blocks. In addition to numerous officially communicated lines, he also cracked an old project that is traded as 9A. This information was first brought to us about two months ago. We later learned from reliable sources of a second 9A boulder, the Megatron Project, which Raboutou apparently climbed. But the young American did not publicly communicate this inspection either.

We've reached out to Shawn Raboutou for more information, but we've had no response. Why the secrecy? Once again the 9A bouldering ghost is haunting the climbing scene. In the latest edition of the Show BETA let's chase the 9A specter - a poor attempt.

Why doesn't Shawn Raboutou officially communicate his 9A boulders?

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Credits: Cover picture Ben Neilson