The young up-and-coming climber Noé Looser announces the successful red point ascent of the 8c route Siesta in the climbing area Vättis.

Noé Looser is still unknown to most. That will change soon. With her most recent ascent, the Route Siesta (XNUMXc) near Vättis, she causes quite a stir. It is very rare that a climber at this age could climb such a difficult route. With her ascent she climbs in the league of better known personalities such as Oriane Bertone or Ashima Shiraishi.

Steep start into 2020

Before Siesta (8c), Noé has climbed numerous difficult routes. She started with the ascent of the routes Minibar (8a +), Cubo Magico (8a +) carefully into the year, then topped it off with s'Buebeträumli (8b).

After an "inspection break" it increased with the route Euphoria (8b +) at Voralpsee again. We ask ourselves: How long will she increase the level of difficulty at this pace?

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The Ukrainian Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky wrote climbing history on November 8, 2018.

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Credits: Cover picture David Swiss / Swiss Alpine Club SAC