In the latest edition of his video series, Adam Ondra explains what to watch out for when climbing. The tips are primarily aimed at people who haven't been climbing very long. Advanced users can also take one or the other tip to heart.

In the video episode Ondra meets Adam, Adam presents 11 tips for people who haven't climbed too long. In the video Adam explains to his counterpart Ondra how he can improve his climbing technique. The tips below are explained in detail in the video.

11 basic tips for climbing

  1. Foot technology is central!
  2. Stand on your toes with your toes, not with your inner or outer instep
  3. Kicks in line precisely
  4. Hip as close to the rock as possible
  5. Climb slowly (applies primarily to plate routes)
  6. Use rest points (correctly)
  7. Look for the next handles visually, do not desperately touch the handles with your hands
  8. Hold arms in a neutral position if possible (not too stretched, not fully angled)
  9. Do not reach too far, better start earlier
  10. In some cases it makes sense to stand sideways (e.g. in the case of side handles)
  11. Handles with magnesium are a good indicator of where the next handle is

Tips for beginners from Adam Ondra

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