Adam Ondra presents a list of routes on his website that he has climbed red point since the beginning of his career. A total of 1662 routes with a difficulty level of 8a or more can be found in it.

Adam Ondra is probably the strongest climber in the world. As the first climber ever, he was able to score a 9c route, climb a route with a degree of difficulty of 9a + flash and commit three 9a's onsight.

A few days ago Adam Ondra published a detailed list of routes that he has already scored points in his climbing career. If you count the routes with a difficulty of 8a upwards, you get the unimaginable number of 1662. Broken down according to difficulty, the list looks like this.

Adam Ondra climbed these routes red point

9c +0
9b +3
9a +43
8c +182
8b +196
8a +309

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Credits: Cover picture picture Jan Novak Photography, Source of the route list: