On September 4th, 2020 Adam Ondra scored the two sport climbing routes Atene Naturale (9a) and Sid Lives (8c +). There is now a video of the ascent of the Atene Naturale route in the Massone climbing area.

The Route Atene is a line that Rolando Larcher set up around 20 years ago and named it Atene. The level of difficulty of the tour is in the range 8b + / 8c. The big flaw of the tour are two artificial grips.

Tried already in 2018 Adam Ondra omitting these handles and also found a good solution for the step-through. In one of his attempts, however, a central kick broke off and required another tinkering on the part of the Czech. In autumn 2020 Adam returned and finally got the red point ascent of the route without using the two artificial grips. Adam suggests 9a as a difficulty.

Adam Ondra on the ascent of Atene Naturale (9a) in Massone

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions