In autumn 2020, in the middle of the Corona crisis, Seb Bouin succeeds in the red point ascent of one of the most difficult routes in France: Beyond Integral (9b / +). Black Diamond is now releasing a video with the story behind the visit.

During the Corona crisis, many professional climbers were forced to bite into projects near their place of residence. So does the French Sébastien Bouin. It wasn't that bad for him, because near Montpelier is the Pic Saint-Loup, on the north face of which there are unique routes.

One of these routes was a project by Fedric Ferraro that he set up on the steepest part of the wall three years earlier. This spectacular project freed Seb Bouin in autumn 2020 and doesn't skimp on superlatives.

The rock quality of this sector is some of the best I've seen and the routes are extremely cool. 

Seb Bouin on the area and the Beyond Integral route

His sponsor Black Diamond now has a video about the story behind the route Beyond integral and their inspection is published.

Video about the inspection of Beyond Integral (9b / +)

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Credits: Cover Picture Black Diamond