Shortly after Stefano Ghisolfi moved to Arco, he managed the first ascent of the then first 9a + of the region: Ultimatum. Now there is the video of the seemingly endless roof climbing with 100 trains.

The Route Ultimatum is located in the heavily overhanging Pueblo sector of the Massone crag and connects several existing routes. That explains their incredible length with a total of 110 trains. Just before the successful boarding fell Stefano when trying on the penultimate move. As unpleasant as that is, it was clear that he would soon be climbing the route. At the end of November 2016 the time had come: Arco's most difficult route at the time was born.

Video of the first ascent of Ultimatum by Stefano Ghisolfi

Adam Ondra opens even harder route

At the invitation of Stefano Ghisolfi Adam Ondra the climbing area in spring 2017 a visit. And as most people can imagine, Adam Ondra gave everything. He succeeded in the first ascent of Queen line, the first 9b Arcos (LACRUX reported). As if that was not enough, Adam also repeats on the same day Ultimatum (9a +).

Cover photo: Stefano Ghisolfi in the route Michael Jordan, photographer Federica Modica

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