We were on the road again, namely at the Red Bull Dual Ascent. As part of this superlative event, we have launched our own competition. We wanted to find out which climbing team works best off the face. Find out more in the latest video on Actiontalk TV.

The program is presented by Bächli Bergsport, Petzl and Etrefort

While the Red Bull Dual Ascent was about speed, strength and endurance, we wanted to find out in our competition which climbing team harmonizes best off the face. The French went into the race Melissa Le Nevé and the western Swiss Katherine Choong, the two Slovenes Jernej Kruder and Domen Skofic as well as Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher. The latter were the only correct pair in the round. Were you able to take advantage of this?

And, we introduce you to the new headlamp Nao RL Petzl before. With 1500 lumens and a weight of 145 grams, it is a real game changer.

Black Diamond Momentum: The climbing shoe for long climbing days

The climbing shoe Momentum Black Diamond is designed for longer climbs such as on the 220 meter high Verzasca dam in Ticino. The innovative choice of material for the climbing shoe, which is available in both men's and women's models, allows for a high level of comfort without sacrificing performance.

The flat construction also contributes to this. The upper is made of durable and very breathable fabric with Engineered Knit Technology. This adapts well to the foot without expanding too much and is breathable. A double Velcro fastener, a soft liner and a new midsole construction for optimized edges make the new Momentum a top all-rounder.

Climbing shoe Black Diamond Momentum men
Black Diamond Momentum Men
Climbing shoe Black Diamond Momentum women
Black Diamond Momentum women

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