Strong, stronger, Bosi and Roberts. The two climbers currently seem to be able to do almost everything they set out to do. Recent examples: Will Bosi repeats Forgotten Gem (8C) and Ephyra (8C+). With Vecchio Leone Sitstart (8C+, FA), Aidan Roberts decodes a bouldering problem that greats like Bernd Zangerl tried to solve 15 years ago.

Aidan Roberts and Will Bosi recently paid a visit to various Swiss bouldering areas and ticked off various mega lines: first they both managed a quick repetition of Alphane (9A), then Aidan Roberts pulled on the Gotthard Pass stairway to Heaven (8B) and Child of Hell (8C), while Will Bosi Vecchio Leone (8B) flashed and a few days ago Forgotten Gem (8C) as well Ephyra (8C+) repeated. Aidan Roberts crowned his bouldering trip with the first ascent of Vecchio Leone sit start (8C+).

One classic after the other

"Jesus Christ Dude... Chilll", "What the fuck is going on with you" or "It's been seriously inspiring stuff to watch your trip unfold!" These are just some of the comments on Will Bosi's Instagram. They have one thing in common: the amazement of the assembled climbing community about Will Bosi's tick list, which doesn't seem to stop growing.

"Forgotten Gem (8C) is an absolutely incredible line and will definitely become a future Chironico classic."

Will Bosi

Video: Will Bosi climbs Ephyra (8C+)

Will Bosi always seems a little surprised himself when he's back on top of a bouldering classic. For example, with Ephyra, Jimmy Webb's 8C+ line: "I'm very happy and quite amazed that I was able to climb this boulder in just a few days." He briefly tried Ephyra last year, but couldn't make the key move at the time.

As far as the difficulty of the line is concerned, the strong Scot classifies Ephyra as a rather easy 8C+. "Definitely harder than Forgotten Gem, but easier than Alphane or Honey Badger."

"Ephyra is definitely harder than Forgotten Gem, but easier than Alphane or Honey Badger."

Will Bosi
Hard bouldering seems to be fun: Shawn Raboutou and Aidan Roberts project together. Image: Sam Pratt
Hard bouldering seems to be fun: Shawn Raboutou and Aidan Roberts project together. Picture: Sam Pratt

Vecchio Leone SS (8C+): Obvious yet deceptive

Various strong boulderers have already watched the sit start to the Ticino classic Vecchio Leone. Among others, bouldering pioneer Bernd Zangerl: "I tried it 15 years ago. It's great that it's been done now."

Aidan Roberts writes about his recent first ascent that he worked his way up the sit start from Vecchio Leone in real bouldering fashion. "At first glance it looks like a jump would be the easiest solution, but some subtle textures and rounded grips are too bad to be able to maintain tension and absorb momentum." Instead, Aidan Roberts, along with Shawn Raboutou, found a solution that combined complex movements, body tension, and bad kicks.

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Credits: Cover picture Sam Pratt