The Chalkbag Papnu Helium from Austrialpin weighs just 13,7 grams and proudly bears the title "Lightest magnesium bag in the world". But its bigger brother Papnu Performance doesn't have to hide either with its fighting weight of 56 grams. We took a closer look at the two magnesium bags. Information about the raffle below.

With the Papnu performance and the papnu helium has the Tyrolean mountain sports outfitter Austrialpin developed two chalk bags that are among the lightest in the world. This is made possible, among other things, by the choice of materials. Both models are made out of paper. You read that right, paper. The special paper is tear-resistant and gives the magnesium bags a clear advantage in terms of weight: the Papnu Performance weighs 56 grams without the hip belt, the Papnu Helium 13,7 grams.

Papnu Chalkbag Helium
World record: The Papnu Helium weighs just 13,7 grams without the hip belt.

The first impression

The idea of ​​holding a small paper bag in your hands, which should become a reliable companion on the mountain, makes us a little skeptical at first. However, when you first touch them, the two chalk bags make a stable impression.

The drawstrings also fulfill their intended function and keep the magnesium where it should be and stay: in the bag itself. The inner material has a supporting effect. Austrialpin uses neoprene, which is not only very tightly woven, but also has a germ-repellent effect.

A little more paper has been processed in the Papnu Performance. This is shown by the fact that the chalk bag reliably keeps its shape. This comes in handy on the rock when chalking has to go fast.

Papnu Chalk Bag Performance MSL
The Papnu Performance holds the shape reliably, which allows for quick chalking.

In this respect, the ultra-lightweight Helium cannot quite keep up. The world record holder in terms of lightness collapses a little, so that it sometimes takes a moment longer before your hand can dip into the saving chalk.

The conclusion after the first multi-pitch route: The two Papnu Chalkbags from Austrialpin impress with their minimal weight. Overall, the Papnu Performance is a little more robust and stable. The Papnu Helium is so light that it's easy to forget to take it off after climbing. You can see his rock contacts, but he is much tougher than he looks and especially than he feels.

Sustainable, local, social

The two lightweight magnesium bags are made in Austria. The paper comes from the Graz specialty paper producer Mapbagrap. The remaining raw materials come from the EU. Austrialpin works with the non-profit association Jugend am Werk on the packaging and the preparatory work for the interior and exterior of the Papnu Chalkbags.

The second impression

This time we're taking the Papnu Performance and the Papnu Helium for bouldering murgtal. Of course, the objection that weight is secondary in bouldering is justified. At the same time, when bouldering, all luggage must fit into the fold of the crash pad. And that's where it comes in handy if the magnesium bag isn't oversized. In addition, all those who like to chalk up a longer boulder or during a traverse will enjoy the Papnu chalk bags.

papnu performance chalk bag test Murgtal
The neoprene inner lining ensures that the magnesium stays in the bag - unless you're chalking your hands.

In addition to the loops for the waist belt, both models have another loop to attach the bouldering brush. According to Austrialpin, the chalk bags are not only waterproof, but can also be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

Papnu Helium Chalkbag Test Murgtal
Thanks to its light weight, the Helium is a pleasant companion, especially when bouldering.

Conclusion on the Austrialpin Papnu Chalkbags

The paper chalk bags from Austrialpin are solidly made and an interesting alternative to the existing models on the market. The cord closes reliably. The world record holder Papnu Helium can easily be stowed in a trouser pocket if not filled with too much magnesium. This can be of particular interest to purists who only move through the blocks armed with climbing fins, carpets and chalk bags.

Another use that we haven't tried yet is deep water soloing. It is easy to imagine that the waterproof paper bags would make a good trap here, especially the Helium model.

The Helium model is an interesting chalk bag for us on multi-pitch routes. For sport climbing, the Performance model is the better choice for us. This chalk bag is more dimensionally stable - you can chalk it up faster.

Overview of Papnu Chalkbags

  • The Papnu Performance weighs 56 grams without the hip belt and is available in six different designs
  • The Papnu Helium weighs 13,7 grams without the hip belt and is available in two designs
  • Both chalk bags are waterproof and tearproof and can be washed at 40 degrees
  • Papnu Chalkbags are made in Austria

Raffle: Win six climbing packages

In cooperation with Austrialpin, we are giving away six climbing packages, consisting of a Papnu Performance Chalkbag (design DaVini or Wall Runner), a climbing brush (model Marwin) and magnesium. To participate, fill out the form below.

Terms and Conditions

Participation is possible until June 10, 2020, 12.00:XNUMX p.m. All persons residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are entitled to participate. Excluded from this are employees of Lacrux Medien GmbH, Austrialpin GmbH and their commissioned companies. Winners will be notified by email. We do not correspond about the tournament. A cash payment is not possible. The legal process is excluded. Participation in the raffle is independent of a product order or purchase. The period for participation in a competition will be announced in connection with the respective competition.

By participating in the competition, you give Lacrux Medien GmbH permission to contact you by email in the future. Don't worry, we won't spam you. You can remove yourself from the distribution list at any time with a single click, because we don't want to force you to read our emails. But give us a chance!

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