Isleten is a small lakeside village on Lake Uri - nestled between clear water and imposing rock faces. With two varied climbing sectors right on the shore, the place is the ideal starting point for leisurely days in the vertical. If you are also looking for the right shoe for your future climbing adventure, you might find it on May 21st. Then Bächli Bergsport in Isleten carries out a climbing shoe test with brand new models. 

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Lake Uri, as the southern tip of Lake Lucerne is called, is blessed with a mild climate. Flora enthusiasts will note the palms, fig trees and sweet chestnuts that grow in the region. But we don't come to the idyllic lake because of the lush green landscape. We are primarily interested in the mighty mountains that line the shore and tower south to the Gotthard massif. More specifically: We are looking for climbing rocks.

We find such on the western shore of the lake right next to the picturesque village of Isleten. In contrast to the busy Axenstrasse on the east bank, there is peace and quiet here and, above all, small but extremely fine sport climbing routes in a wide range of difficulty, divided into two sectors.

Video: Brief portrait of the Isleten climbing garden

Climbing garden for all levels

The unbeatable advantage of this crag: If the weather in the mountains is bad, there is a good chance that, thanks to the aforementioned climate and the foehn situation, you can climb in a summery manner. In addition, Isleten can be easily reached from the larger German-speaking Swiss cities in two to three hours by public transport.

There is even a direct boat connection from Lucerne. Once arrived, the sectors See and Seegarten can be reached in a few minutes on foot. For refreshment in between or for a well-deserved beer after work, it is worth stopping at the Seegarten restaurant. Another candy on top? Of course, there is an impressive view of the lake during the entire climb.

Climbing Types-Isleten-4
Bächli Bergsport makes it possible: On May 21, 2022, climbing shoes from the brands La Sportiva, Scarpa and Black Diamond can be tested free of charge in the climbing garden in Isleten.

In terms of routes, the striking limestone ledge on Lake Uri offers a lot. From the Blue Chimney (5b) to the legendary Karima (7a), at that time the first Uri route of this grade, all climbing spirits will find their vertical challenge here.

A total of around 25 routes with a length of 20 to 30 meters are spread across the sectors. Most of them check in at difficulty level 6a to 6c. The line Roter Riss (6a+) also moves in this range, which leads particularly spectacularly through a huge slit.

Test and find your perfect climbing shoe

Easily accessible, varied, weather-friendly and beautifully situated - what else can top that? How about combining the climbing trip with an extensive shoe test? In this case, there is good news:

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Bächli Bergsport will be leading in Isleten free climbing shoe test through. Also taking part are La Sportiva, Scarpa and Black Diamond, who are making their latest models freely available. These are just waiting to be put through their paces directly on the rock.

  • lasportiva mantra
  • Scarpa-drago

For example, the new Drago model from Scarpa, which is primarily based on modern, dynamic climbing styles, is included in the luggage. Lots of downturn, asymmetrical lasts, extra rubber for full heel and toe hooks make the shoe particularly interesting for athletic climbers.

Also at the start will be the Mantra from La Sportiva, which is particularly noticeable due to its ultra-light material and its reduced design. This makes him particularly sensitive. The list is long, there will be the right footwear for every taste on site.

Video: Pietro dal Pra on the mantra of La Sportiva

Individual advice and workshops

If you can't see the forest for the trees or the rock for the climbing finches, feel free to contact our local experts and partner athletes. We guarantee that they will find the right climbing shoe for you. For even deeper immersion in the matter, there will be workshops by the manufacturers on site. Speaking of diving: Of course, you can jump into the cooling lake at any time.

Climbing shoe test from Bächli Bergsport: You have to bring this with you

  • You should be able to climb at least a 5b independently.
  • Climbing harness, rope, belay device: apart from your shoes, please bring your own equipment.
  • Don't forget your climbing partner.
  • Meals for in between. There will be a barbecue at lunchtime.

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