While the climber goes home with pumped arms at most, the belayer threatens veritable neck tension. Constantly looking up can be quite exhausting. Safety glasses can help here - they can be used to look up without having to dislocate the neck.

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Anyone who secures must be ready for any emergency situation. A quick and sometimes life-saving reaction is only guaranteed if the climber remains in the field of vision at all times. This fact should be logical. But the posture is not a pleasant one. The constant glance upwards soon hits the neck.

The constant glance upwards soon hits the neck.

This not only endangers the health of the person securing it, but also impairs clean handling. Especially in climbing halls - which are visited more often in the cold seasons and in which route after route is often climbed non-stop - safety goggles literally defuse the tense situation.

Safety glasses work on the principle of a prism, which deflects the light through its triangular design. Or to put it simply, it can be used to look vertically upwards, even though the eyes are straight. The advantage is obvious: belayers can adopt a natural posture and still have climbers high above them in their field of vision.

Thanks to the safety glasses, the climber is always in the field of vision.

The YY Vertical models are classics among safety glasses. And the classic among these classics is the Classic model. The simple but well thought-out construction with foldable temples takes up hardly any space and weighs only a little over 30 grams. The glasses are suitable for every head and nose shape and can even be put on over normal (sun) glasses.

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Credits: Image material YY Vertical, text by Fabian Reichle from Bächli Bergsport