Since the introduction of the certificate requirement in mid-September, most climbing facilities have seen a significant drop in visitors. The introduction of chargeable tests prevents additional guests from visiting the climbing facilities. Meanwhile, the operating costs continue unchecked while the income dwindles. IG Kletteranlagen is demanding more understanding and support from politicians for the companies that have already been severely affected by the Corona crisis.

As of September 13, the federal government has issued a nationwide certificate requirement for leisure activities, including climbing facilities, at very short notice. Due to the abrupt introduction of the certificate requirement, many guests were suddenly no longer able to visit the facilities. 

Since the free tests were discontinued, more customers have stayed away from the climbing facilities. Of course, not all companies are equally affected by the decline in visitors. In rural regions, however, the number of visitors fell by up to 50%. Unlike during the lockdowns, when employees received short-time working compensation, fixed costs were reduced in some cases and hardship support could be applied for, the losses of a loss-making business now remain entirely on the operators.

To date, politicians have not promised any compensation for the businesses affected.

The very short-term introduction of the certificate requirement has caused damage in many companies. The affected companies are now being let down by politicians. This meets with a lack of understanding. 

The IG Kletteranlagen demands fair and unbureaucratic support from the federal government and the cantons, similar to the hardship contributions during the lockdown, for those companies that have been affected by the current losses since the introduction of the certificate requirement.

About the IG climbing facilities

  • IG Kletteranlagen consolidates common interests and standards of Swiss climbing facilities.
  • The members of the IG Kletteranlagen are over 70 operators of climbing and bouldering facilities, but also organizations such as the Swiss Alpine Club SAC.
  • During the Corona crisis, the IGKA developed and published the industry concept for protection against Covid-19.

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