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Basic rules for mountain sports in times of the corona pandemic

The ÖAV has published information that shows what mountain sports enthusiasts should pay attention to when practicing their discipline in times of Covid-19.

Two in one: Liquid Chalk gives grip and disinfects

Numerous Swiss climbing halls opened yesterday. The condition for the visit is the use of liquid magnesium, also called liquid chalk.

Meiringen and Villars 2020 deleted without replacement

The IFSC and SAC have decided to cancel the World Cup competitions in Meiringen and Villars that have been postponed until the autumn.

Under these conditions, Swiss climbing halls open

From May 11, 2020, climbing and bouldering halls may open their gates again. In compliance with strict regulations. These are the rules. Important: The hall operators are dependent on the understanding / participation of the climbing community.

Stefano Ghisolfi about the IFSC decision on the Summer Olympics

With the IFSC decision of April 30th, Stefano Ghisolfi's dream of an Olympic game came to an abrupt end. We spoke to Stefano about the IFSC decision.

Do you go back to the climbing hall after the reopening?

In its survey, Vertical Life collects information that the climbing gym operators use as an important basis for the reopening. Participating in the survey supports...

No national sport climbing competitions will take place in Switzerland until the end of July

Due to the current situation, SAC Swiss Climbing decided on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 not to hold any national competitions.

Will there soon be no more climbing shoes due to the Corona crisis?

The corona crisis also affects the production of climbing material. Are there any shortages in delivery of climbing shoes?