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Tip for a small budget: Make Liquid Chalk yourself quickly and easily

Magnesium is essential in climbing. If you reach for high-quality products, this can quickly become expensive. That's why we're going to show you today how you can inexpensively make Liquid Chalk yourself in two minutes.

Liquid magnesium from Frictionlabs works against coronaviruses - scientifically proven

Scientists confirmed: The liquid magnesium Secret Stuff Hygienic from Frictionlabs is effective against coronaviruses.

Two in one: Liquid Chalk gives grip and disinfects

Numerous Swiss climbing halls opened yesterday. The condition for the visit is the use of liquid magnesium, also called liquid chalk.

Under these conditions, Swiss climbing halls open

From May 11, 2020, climbing and bouldering halls may open their gates again. In compliance with strict regulations. These are the rules. Important: The hall operators are dependent on the understanding / participation of the climbing community.

Liquid Chalk / Liquid Magnesium Without Alcohol: Secret Stuff by FrictionLabs

The liquid magnesium Secret Stuff by FrictionLabs works without alcohol. Learn more about the new and now available Liquidchalk here.

Deep Water Soloing: Climbing on Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland

Sundlauenen on Lake Thun invites you to climb without rope. We introduce you to the spot, give you a packing list with valuable tips on the way.



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