Product of the month - the day before yesterday numerous Swiss climbing halls opened their doors again. But before we rush to the plastic handles in Corona times, we have to memorize some rules of conduct and expand our climbing equipment. This includes liquid chalk, in German liquid magnesium

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Without magnesium, there is not much going on in climbing and bouldering. Anyone who has ever tried to cling to a sloper with sweaty hands or claw a bar knows that. And although chalk sticks to hands, it is a pretty dusty thing to use. Dust that spreads in the climbing hall and settles everywhere. But there is a solution.

The advantages and disadvantages of liquid chalk

Chalk is also available in liquid form - liquid chalk to stay in international jargon. This usually comes in tubes and has the same effect as its dusty, dry counterpart. The advantage: Liquid chalk causes much less dust and allows classic magnesium to stick better to your hands. The disadvantage: Most liquid chalks usually contain alcohol, which also dries out the hands. In the case of the current corona situation, the alcohol has a positive effect.

Because hygiene is the be-all and end-all when fighting viruses. And alcohol destroys viruses extremely efficiently. With the Liquid Chalk you kill two birds with one stone: You have more grip when climbing and at the same time disinfect your hands. Important: When buying liquid chalk, make sure that it contains alcohol. Liquid magnesium with alcohol is not a substitute for traditional disinfectants, but it is great for safe, virus-free indoor climbing.

Liquid magnesium is prescribed by climbing halls

The use of liquid chalk in climbing halls is not a recommendation, but a must. The rules are clear: No classic magnesia in the halls, urgent hand disinfection before starting the route. So that you can get started right away, we have put together three suitable products for you.

Have fun with your climbing and bouldering projects and stay healthy.

Liquid Chalk_Friction-Labs_Secret Stuff
Secret Stuff from Friction Labs
Liquid Chalk_Mammut
Liquid Chalk from Mammut
White Gold from Black Diamond

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